What is title insurance?

FCT title insurance is a property insurance product that protects property owners from financial losses incurred as a result of title issues. This insurance covers you for an amount equal to double the market value of your property and covers legal costs directly related to these title issues.


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Is your most valuable investment well protected?

You have been an owner for many years. Your home is important to you; it’s your most significant investment. You have good relations with your neighbours. You maintain your home with great care, believing that you are safe from all worries. However, is that really the case?

Did you know that a fraudster could currently be impersonating you to mortgage your home, or worse, to sell it without your knowledge? If you own a condo, did you know that part of your unit could be in violation of the declaration of co-ownership without your knowledge? Or, how about receiving a notice from the municipality requiring you to demolish part of your house?

Is there a way to protect you from those eventualities? Yes there is: an FCT existing homeowner title insurance policy.


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The advantages of FCT title insurance

  • A policy with 34 coverages.
  • A single, affordable premium: one payment at the time you obtain the insurance. Unlike other insurance products, there is no annual premium for subsequent years.
  • No deductible for a claim
  • Multiple claims can be made.
  • Coverage is in effect for as long as you own your home and beyond!

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