Existing Homeowner Title Insurance Request form

The Homeowner title insurance policy covers title issues related to real estate fraud by identity theft and to the published title.
The irregularities and title issues that you are aware of, including issues mentioned during the purchase of the property in the certificate of location (survey) as well as in your deed of purchase of the property, are excluded from insurance coverage.
If you wish to insure a known problem or risk of legal hypothecs of construction, please refer to your broker, he will inform you of the procedure to follow.
If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact your insurance broker.
Exclusions and limitations apply, please refer to the policy.


  • The property has a maximum of six dwellings;
  • The property is only used for residential purposes;
  • The client owns the property (title published at the registry the office);
  • The client does not already hold a title insurance for the property.


  • The property has more than six dwellings.
  • The property is used for commercial purposes;
  • The client does not own the property (no published title at the registry office);
NEW: It's now possible to add the "market value" rider to protect your property at its actual market value, rather than the municipal assessment. By adding this coverage when you purchase your title insurance policy, you'll save 50% on the cost of this endorsement. Ask your broker for more information.

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